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Where’s Hot This Summer?

Are you looking for something different for your holiday this Summer? Do you crave adventure but long to relax? Then look no further than these trending overseas destinations. Keep reading and book your ticket before everyone else does! 

Costa Rica 

Find everything you want and more for a well deserved holiday in Costa Rica. This Central American country is full of spectacular wildlife, national parks, extreme sports and flawless beaches. 

The capital of San Jose is becoming a lively and hip city. It is full of restaurants and bars and making a stand in the craft brewing industry. Because Costa Rica’s economy relies on their coffee trade, you won’t have to go far for a decent cup of coffee, with the country having some of the best coffee in the world. 

Head to the coastline for brilliant surf, white sand and if you are lucky, snorkel with sea turtles. Both the Pacific and the Caribbean side of this tropical paradise will instantly relax you with the sparkling, untouched waters. 


Situated on the Adriatic Coast, Croatia oozes natural beauty and is rich in history. In every town or city in this Mediterranian country, you will find dozens of restaurants with menus full of seafood and local wines. 

Croatia isn’t complete without a visit to the UNESCO listed city of Dubrovnik. Becoming a ‘Hot’ spot after the success of the TV show ‘Game of Thrones’, the preserved and restored architecture is like no other. Walk along the medieval walls surrounding the Old Town; visiting markets and food stalls. While in the city known as The Pearl of the Adriatic, make sure you sip on a Rakia (the local drink of Croatia) while watching the yachts and enjoying the historical beauty. 


Soaking up their unique culture is a great reason to visit Vietnam. Rich in history and scenery like nothing you have ever seen. Choose to visit the major cities or the coastal regions or be adventurous and hop around the country by train. 

As one of the oldest cultures in South East Asia, Vietnam has had many influences over the years but one that stands out is the French influence. Seen in the architecture and food, you can’t help but feel you are in a small town in France while wandering through the French Quarter of Hanoi. 

One of the Hottest things to do in Vietnam is head to Halong Bay. Take a boat through this stunning landscape (possibly even cruise overnight) and be in awe of the large inhabited islands that are recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you are lucky you will be able to get close enough to a “floating market” (boat) and purchase some fresh fruit from a local. 

These idyllic destinations can be visited on a budget or splurge on 5 star everything. No matter where you go or how much you spend, soaking up the culture and mixing with the locals is this Summer’s Hottest thing to do, no matter where you do it.

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